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Precise, High-Speed Milling Services

Whether you need CNC milling services or equipment, EC Tool has you covered. We use computer-controlled accuracy to achieve conformity of even the most complex parts throughout a production run, and also sell rotary tables for customers to use themselves.

CNC Machine

CNC Milling Services

EC Tool CNC precision machining specialists take advantage of CAD/CAM software to visualize the finished part during design. We then instruct the milling machine how the part will be machined to ensure the part's quality and accuracy of dimensions.

EC Tool Precision CNC Milling Machines

You'll enjoy manufacturing repeatability of precision parts for both low- and high-volume runs, performing multiple operations on one setup. You can handle a variety of materials — including ferrous and non-ferrous metals; plastics; machine aluminum; and bronze and iron castings for a variety of industries and applications, such as automotive, communication, electronic, and hydraulic.

These machines also process secondary operations like milling, drilling, slotting, and broaching. The experienced EC Tool machinists and engineers understand manufacturing and the pressures our customers face to keep their inventories down and productivity up. Whether you need flexible design changes or production that anticipates inventory fluctuations, we work closely with you to achieve quality at a competitive price.

High-Precision CNC Turning

The experienced machinists at EC Tool combine accuracy with flexibility. We create metal-turned parts with virtually any material, including aluminum, brass, cast iron, phenolics, plastics, steel, and stainless steel at our precision CNC turning centers, creating a quality finished part.

Perform multi-axis, multi-task machining operations, including CNC turning and milling, drilling, and tapping, in a single setup. We have handle bar stock from .125" to 2" in diameter, automatic bar feed with chucking capacities up to 12" in diameter, and much more. Our high-precision turned parts department supplies finished parts to the drilling industry that are known for quick setup, high accuracy, repeatable uniformity, and fine surface finishes.