Since 1962

Located in Abilene, TX, EC Tool was founded by E.L. “Slim” Coker and Virgil “V.J.” Edwards as a rental shop for oil well drilling supplies. The company succeeded with prudent management and an oilfield spirit and was sold to D.B. Drilling, Inc., in 1974. Owners A.D. Bowen, Robert Schumacher, and Bill Rector moved EC Tool to its current location on 242 S 11th Street where Slim and V.J. continued to manage the company as it flourished throughout the late 1970s and early ’80s.

The History of EC Tool

In 1979, Bill Brewington joined the team as an owner and CEO. Bill’s expertise in inventory management allowed for tremendous growth in 1980 and ’81, and EC Tool became a premier supplier, building at least eight complete rig packages during the boom. In November 1979 EC Tool opened its 18,000-square-foot repair facility in Abilene and rebuilt vast amounts of equipment during that period.
After EC Tool was purchased by the current owners in 1988, the company has evolved as an equipment dealer and supply store. We focus on servicing duplex pumps and small to mid-sized drilling rigs.

In September 1988, EC Tool was purchased by the current owners and management. After struggling through the late ’80s and early ’90s, it has again evolved as a middle-range equipment dealer and supply store, developing a special market in the servicing of duplex pumps and small to mid-sized drilling rigs. We maintain one of the largest inventories of supplies and spare parts for drilling rigs in the US.

Today, EC Tool is again operating its repair facility and continuing to service contractors with supplies, equipment, and repairs. We have one of the largest inventories of duplex pumps in the country, exceeding 40 units, as well as most other components for small to mid-range drilling rigs. EC Tool serves contractors throughout the US and in several foreign countries, keeping an inventory of duplex pump expendables unmatched by any independent store.