Efficient Mud Pumps & Accessories

EC Tool carries mud pumps, connecting rods, and more than 2,000 drawings and blueprints of oilfield equipment and supplies. We are pleased to help you fill your specific needs with one-of-a-kind designs for:

  • Duplex & Triplex Liners
  • Washpipes
  • Piston & Pony Rods
  • Mud Pumps
  • Mud Pump Fluid Ends

Mud Pumps

We have more than 40 duplex and triplex pumps in our inventory. We only sell pumps after we have completely rebuilt both the gear and fluid end, so you can be assured you are receiving a top-quality product. We also offer new duplex and triplex pumps to meet the most demanding mud pump needs.

Mud Pump Supplies

Our extra-large inventory of fluid-end and gear-end parts for duplex pumps includes more than 500 duplex liners, as well as cages and stuffing boxes. If you can’t find the model you are looking for below, simply speak with one of our representatives.

Duplex Liner Cages:

  • Brewster B550/750
  • EMSCO D-375
  • EWCO 15W600
  • Amerman GA550/GA750
  • Gardner Denver FXN
  • Gardner Denver FXQ
  • National K500
  • Wilson 600

Duplex Stuffing Boxes:

  • EMSCO D300/375
  • EMSCO D500/DA500/DB550
  • EMSCO D700/DA700/DB700
  • EWCO 15W600
  • Amerman GA550
  • Amerman GA750
  • Gardner Denver FXN
  • Gardner Denver FXZ
  • National K380/C350
  • National K500
  • National K700
  • National C250
  • Wilson 600

Piston, Pony, & Connecting Rods

Browse through more than 1,500 duplex piston rods and 200 duplex pony rods in our inventory. EC Tool gives you a quote before your order, so you know what you’re getting for your money every time. While we primarily keep connecting rods for GA550 and GA750 models in stock, there are other options at your disposal as well. This includes custom connecting rods for most duplex and triplex mud pumps.


We now offer new crossheads and capsules for both EMSCO D-375 and DB-550 duplex pumps. You can also find slides and shoes for certain models. Available parts currently in our inventory include:

  • Crossheads & Capsules for D-375 & DB-550
  • Crossheads & Slides for D-300 & D-500
  • Slides & Shoes for IDECO MM-700
  • Slides & Shoes for Wilson 600

Valve Caps & Drop-In Plugs

We carry a large inventory of valve cap plugs made for OEM and MATTCO fluid ends. You’ll also find different drop-in plugs for most gland-type valve caps.